The fast changing context of RBFA

The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) is the largest sports federation in Belgium, based in Tubize. Founded in 1895, it is responsible for all national football teams, including the men’s, women’s, boys, girls, futsal and mini football teams. RBFA services about 4.000 Belgian football clubs.
Belgian football is a daily passion for more than half a million people and their close contacts, including players, coaches, referees, volunteers, and supporters. They support the Red Devils, the Red Flames, or their favorite club in the stadium or in front of the television.

RBFA has the ambition to become a top-3 UEFA federation, and to achieve this goal, they have been actively investing in accelerating their road to digitalization. The world is changing rapidly, and customer expectations are evolving at an unprecedented pace. The RBFA is keenly aware of these changes and has taken proactive measures to stay ahead of the curve. As part of their 20-22 strategy, RBFA has relaunched their RBFA app and is continuously seeking to increase fan engagement.

A personal and no-nonsense approach

To achieve their digitalization goals, RBFA had to tackle a variety of digital challenges. Y squared was asked to support the RBFA in this exciting challenge. When Y squared came onboard, they made sure to understand where and how they could bring the most value by focusing their efforts on the right places and in the right ways.

A brand new webshop

One of the challenges that Y squared helped overcome was the launch of a brand-new RBFA eCommerce webshop. At the end of 2022, RBFA was looking for a new eCommerce partner to launch new webshop. In order to select the best fit commercially, technically, and culturally, it was decided to launch an RFP. Y squared led the RFP process from market scan to defining the requirements and selecting the new eCommerce partner of the RBFA. Afterward, Y squared’s project manager accompanied RBFA to a successful launch.

User feedback and testing strategy for the RBFA app

In addition to launching the new webshop, Y squared helped RBFA to improve user feedback and testing for the RBFA app. In 2021, the RBFA launched a new app equipped with Instabug, a feedback tool that allows users to report bugs or suggest improvements by shaking their phone. To get the most out of this tool, Y squared worked together with the customer success managers to optimize the use of the different features, as well as improve the way of working across the different teams involved with the app and customer support. Ultimately, this led to delivering a better user experience for the app users.

Before Y squared came onboard, there was limited user testing of the app before releasing a new version into the app stores. Y squared defined and rolled out an improved testing strategy, including a 4-week testing cadence and introducing a beta testing program, which was implemented in collaboration with A.C.A., the front-end development partner of the RBFA. Increasing the user testing resulted in a reduction of bugs after the go-live of each version.

Customer Care 2.0

The RBFA expressed the ambition to ensure the entire football ecosystem gets the best football information at the right time in the right format. Hence, Y squared launched the Customer Care Program, where a roadmap was defined, including four key initiatives, going from tooling and process optimization to a tone-of-voice exercise and an RFP to look at a call center partner. Y squared will take on the program management for the next year to roll out this roadmap and accompany the RBFA to becoming a more proactive and customer-centric customer service provider.

Be part of the Strategy 23-26

The RBFA has defined their 23-26 strategy, where it wants to become a (digital) companion to all our stakeholders via good and reliable services and develop the game at every level in Belgium football, as well as be present on the highest level in football and anchor the RBFA & its brands through innovation on a (inter)national level. Great ambitions, in which Y squared will gladly continue to accompany the RBFA.